December 1st, 2006




Wayne, a family friend from Australia was over here on Business and Staying with the old folks this weekend.

He arrived after work on Friday night and as I had plans for Saturday night, I called down to the old folks place for dinner. Had a great chat and it was good to catch up – left relatively early as Wayne was very tired jetlagged.

I got home at around 9:30 pm and spent most of the rest of the night and the early hours of Saturday looking for my Drivers license. My road tax is due to be renewed soon but I’ve lost my photocard - without which I can’t get road tax and so I’m going to have to send off for a new card very soon as they take at least three weeks to process – Christmas will not speed things up.

Finally turned in at about 1:50am on Saturday morning and slept through until around 9:45.