November 30th, 2006


where did the time go ?!

Oh my just where is the time flying too ?!
I forgot all about this thing…..

I was on leave last week and so busy this week that I notice it is almost over !
I shall Recap.

Saturday 18th November

Went to a Classical concert in Woking in which Christine’s friend, Frances was playing the viola. Ward, Schumann and Shostakovich I think.. Christine dropped me back off at hers where I collected my car. I was given a very long hug before I left (!?)

Sunday 19th November

Bit of a blur. Think I went to mass first thing. And visited my Grandmother there after, thing I might have had dinner at the old folks place. Stayed up late watching TV Lord of the Rings I think. Logged on to EBAY and bought 3 of the remaining rare Lord of the Rings Figures that I am missing from the collection.

Monday 20th November

Went up to Hendon and spent the Afternoon at Leon Paul Fencing Ltd. Discussed placing an order for £5,500+ and taking a good old nose around their new factory before meeting with Barry CEO and talking about the future of the sport and coaching over a coffee.

Then back to London to take the SPARTA Fencing Club training sesh and AGM.
Afterwards stayed until after 11pm – didn’t get home until about 12:30am – thank heavens for the night bus !!

Tuesday 21st November

Had a long lie in…… obviously.
Spent the late morning and afternoon driving around bathroom showrooms and plumbers warehouses looking for a new Bathroom suite. I have quite a bit saved (ringfenced and guarded by conscience pixies against absent pilfering to purchase my usual tat) to replace my existing grotty bathroom, but have failed to get one’s ar$e in gear and do anything about it. The result of the days efforst was lots of thick glossy brochures than can only be described as bathroom porn. Do Taps qualify as ‘bling’ … £350 a pop I should think so. Watched my 2 Disc version of V for Vendetta.

Wednesday 22nd November

I had a long standing engagement to go birdwatching at Sevenoaks with my Dad. In the end the weather wasn’t great and I was forbidden to talk about either family approved plumbers or Nepal for he disapproves strongly of my views and didn’t want to hear anything thing I had to say. Being 35 years of age and long out of short trousers this attitude really annoyed and upset me but I just bit my tongue. Dad always has to be right you see.

I spent the afternoon contacting a couple of plumbers - one sounded far to expensive and the earliest the other can come is Saturday at 5pm!!
Toby will have left for Nepal today…..lucky him - I hope he remembers to e-mail me from the trail to Everest Base Camp. I spent the evening watching ABC1 Scrubs and episodes of Friends on E4.

Thursday 23rd November

A free day. Well a Day in which I didn’t have anything pre-planned or scheduled.
I spent the day working on my oil painting which is now nearing completion. Also I watched a couple of DVDs which Sharon had loaned me months and months ago but which I had never got round to watching, Finding Neverland (which was a bit of a weepy) and To Kill a Mockingbird which was superb.

Letter arrived from the Hospital – my operation is scheduled for second week in March……EXACTLY when I was planning to be back in Nepal !!!! Blast it !

Friday 24th November

Had a Lay in and called up to my Grandmothers at mid day to collect an Ebay Parcel. I headed up to town to the Science Museum for 2 pm to see Moonwalker 3D , a Tom Hanks directed tribute to the Apollo moonwalkers. It was good but it was really levelled at plebs – I didn’t learn anything new and while some original footage had received Stereo treatment the majority of the action was recreated ‘Earth to the Moon’ style. Barely worth the £7.50 but I am glad I saw it – had I not I would always have been wondering about it and that would have bugged me. And in truth there were some beautiful set pieces.

After the Science Museum I took a wander past the Natural History Museum’s ice rink and wandered through the museum for a bit. Bought a couple of random gifts – there was a very cute little Elephant and Penguin for about £3 each which Sharon can have for her glove compartment, which already has a frog and a Scotty dog. Had hoped to find a small white rabbit that would look like ‘Mallory’ but no luck - the search continues.

Got an E-mail and a text from Christine to say that her Granmother has passed away, she is returning to France tomorrow morning ahead of the funeral on Monday

Saturday 25th November

A bit of a wasted day as I was digging cr@p out of the loft and rearranging boxes of pointless collectables in an effort to collate different lines of collectables.
Spoke to Christine early just before she left the country said I was sorry to hear about her Grandmother and wished her well.....the usual. Thought a lot about Grandad .
Spent the afternoon tidying kitchen lounge and bathroom waiting for plumber to show.

Eventually he phoned at 5:30 to say he’d turn up at 6:15 ish. He arrived at about 6:30 took a look at the bathroom and decided that he’d charge me £4.5 k for the refurbishment even though I would supply the materials , do the plastering , tiling and chasing out of walls for new pipe work. Bloke was taking the pi$$. Felt quite fed up as I just can’t afford this , a new computer, Christmas and a return to Nepal next year.

I need to sell stuff…..artwork, or sculpting or collectables…….something.

Sunday 26th
Got up early for mass again- wondered whether it was the start of advent. I’ve been feeling guilty about not going each week, so I’m still Catholic then !!
Spoke to a chap about the collections and who I should speak to about the covenants – first time in two years of being there that I spoke to another member of the congregation !

Got home downed a coffee and headed off to Fencing. I have not been to to my Sunday morning Fencing Club since the end of the summer term ! Strange how so many of the kids had visibly grown or changed in 4 months.

Called in at Grandmas after fencing. Back home pottered around wasted time and went to the old folks for dinner.

That’s it a weeks leave gone !

Monday 27th November

Last evening of Fencing ahead of the New Year. Did final walk through and risk assessment with the twazzock who runs the centre. Still the new club is now a certainty so any objections or obstructions at this late stage are futile on his part !

Tuesday 28th November

Fencing Work, papers on Risk assessment and Code of Practice.

Wednesday 29th November

More Fencing Work
Leon Paul e-mails to say kit has been dispatched early by accident/stupidity !
Private Sports centre e-mail to say room is fortunately finished- problem solved

Thursday 30th November

More Fencing Work – response to my departmental sports society’s comments on risk assessments of sister club…… Bureaucracy gone mad.!

Tonight at 5:15 I am off to the Westway for an outdoor indoor climbing sesh. The Journey home from Latimer Road will be a nightmare tonight !

Hey ho…..