November 26th, 2006


I really am TERRIBLY sorry….

Why in heavens name (literally in this case) do people keep having to apologise…..for history.

And not for the little things either, only today I have learned that on his next trip to Turkey, Pope Benedict is going to have to apologise for the sacking of Constantinople and for quoting someone else who hundreds of years ago, said that Islam was a religion of hatred.
(now I'm not sure why he's doing this, as I thought the Turks took it back and promptly killed or enslaved every Christian they could find - If the Christains did take it in the first place then surely therefore it was 'even-stevens' !)

Also in the news today Tony Blair is apologising for Slavery….. (I knew civil service pay was below the market average but I never realised it was that bad!!)

The Germans keep feeling the need to apologise for two world wars….

Sadly America has yet to apologise for George W Bush, and probably ought to say it was an ickle bit sorry for being the only country in history to deploy Nuclear weapons in anger.

I also had to explain to my Fencing Coach (he's about 70) that describing Churchill's last Cavalry charge at the against the "Fuzzy Wuzzies" probably wasn't entirely regarded as politically correct in these enlightened and liberal days…..

What next surely the day will come soon where even France will have to apologise for being a bunch of surrender monkeys….

Princess Diana apologised for Landmines …… Pity nobody apologised for her gimp of a husband and his horsey consort

Maybe Elton John should re-release on of his classics with a twist… title 'Sorry Seems to be the Easiest Word'

I think we would all do well to remember Monty Pythons wise words….

Never be rude to an Arab
An Isreali, or Saudi, or Jew
Never be rude to an Irishman
No matter what you do
Never poke fun at a Nigger
A Spic, or a Wop, or Kraut
And never poke fun at at