November 14th, 2006


It's a Mad World

It appears that the Home Office has made an out of court settlement to pay jailed criminals who endured ‘cold turkey’ while in jail and didn’t have access to drugs to fuel their habit.

Could the Treasury please return my taxes.

With interest please.

This is quite clearly NOT natural justice in action. I don't see why I should fund such lunacy.

These people chose to take drugs.
These people chose to steal or commit crime to fund the habit.
As a consequence of the crimes these people committed to fuel their habit they were convicted & jailed.

Claiming the State assaulted them in restricting access to illegal substances is mad! It was their choice to commit crime should accept their responsibility.

I want my ****ing taxes back so I can buy a baseball bat so that I have the means to deal with any smack-head that assumes it’s his human right to burgle my house to fund his habit.