November 10th, 2006


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I was listening to the Today Programme and caught a piece about the French Governments test of a replacement Intercontinental Ballistic Missile over the Atlantic yesterday.

The presenter mentioned the response from France's Anti Nuclear Weapon body - which Translated as "Drop Nuclear Weapons"......

Well thats the whole point isn't it ???
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Nearly the end of a very very very long week dealing with people of such a F'ing uncooperative nature that I am daydreaming of mulching their pointless brains to mush with a baseball bat.

There's an official poster of of a Grade 3 weilding a baseball bat in the lift Lobby of the Ministerial floor. Heaven knows what vistors make of it. It doesn't really say "Community, opportunity, prosperity" so much as "Be the comunities we wantor we'll smash you!" ....... I therefore feel this somewhat validates my own baseball bat aspirations.

I am fed up of being helpful.
I'm fed up of being that nice quiet bloke who everyone can ignore in the hope that I'll go away...

It's all just such unutterble, pointless Bull$hit...

Edited: I was curious. I checked the poster.

It reads: "A big Hitting Response... Was needed from Government in Response to the Barker Review of Housing"

Was a photo of a baseball bat weilding Grade 3 the most representative picture they could come up with? ....