November 6th, 2006


Blimey O'Riley will you look at the shine on those !


After 4 episodes it's getting there - it's ok TV - I will turn in on to watch if I'm near the TV - but it's not captured me the same way regular Dr Who would.

Last night was the best of the bunch but even so it was ok at best. And I'm afraid I thought that Cyberwoman with the aluminium breasts and pants was a bit ....pants/soppy.

In last night's episode I felt that some of the emotional emphasis was lost in place of shiny effeects and stunts - what about the pizza girl, why didn't Jack use his Webley service revolver on their gimpiod colleague.....and was tidying up the base REALLY the only punishment they could find after he was responsible for 2 deaths - 3 if you count Cybergirlie.

It's Dr Who, without the Doctor, or the Tardis, made for the grown ups with a bit more graphic violence or sexual content.

....and Buffy did the violence and sex better !! ;o)