October 31st, 2006


Just too Damn Busy to Post..

Just been to damn busy to post of late....which is not good. I'll try and backdate if I can remember/have time/ can be bothered etc.

Suffice to say that while scoffing my lunch chicken pasta with tomato, garlic and herb sauce , fresh salad and fruit - all of which means I ran out of Bread chees and smoked ham last night....

..anyway while scoffing I filled in my Diversity questionaire....

so for the record I would just like to set out that from here in, I'm a Welsh person of Chinese origin, Jewish with Athiest leanings, my sexual pursuasion seems to be other i.e. abstainance (for more years than I can remember) and I consider myself disabled by my dazzeling wit, devastating looks (hey no one is claiming they're good ok !) and my apauling spilling.

That's 60 seconds of my life I'm never going to get back.

All Hallows Eve

Ah Halloween!

That non-holiday exported from the US, now used as an excuse for feral chav scum to rob with menances.

It must be the time of year to leave "dead pat" lying in a darkened porch covered in Tomato Ketchup and wait for some little bratlet or Hoody scum to come to the door......and soil himself !

I hate halloween.

and for those who have never met "Dead Pat".....He's like Live Pat....only deader...

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