October 22nd, 2006


Sunday, Sunday….

Had a great day today - had an unplanned lie in and in keeping with the last few weeks didn't go fencing this morning.

Spent the day mostly catching up on domestic stuff, cleaning tidying, shopping and chilling. Made reasonable progress too for a change. The place looks very presentable - first time it has done for weeks.

Didn't do much on the painting today though.

Instead I ended up watching Back to the Future II and a couple of eps of Friends and Scrubs.

In the evening had arranged to visit the White Bear and hook up with Wayne and Claudia who are over from Australia, Mum and Dad and Antony and Sarah (it's Sarah's 25th Birthday today). Had a great evening and left the pub at about 8:50.

Antony and Sarah called in for coffee and we watched the first episode of Torchwood. Missed the first couple of minutes but it seemed ok. Production values quite high good solid brut drama performances from the cast casualty/holby stylee. Loved the weevil creature. The only thing that seemed off to me was the pacing… seemed quite slow really, but then every new show espec. Sci fi one's take a while to get up to speed - very rare to get a Buffy or a Firefly.

Antony and Sarah left and I watched the second episode - pace of the ep was a bit better - the story a little contrived but not bad. Spotted either an Easter egg or a genuine gaff when Jack and Gwen steam into an alley where a girl had been possessed the previous evening by an alien. During the scene I noticed that sticking out of one of the large cylindrical metal waste was a par of feet/ankles. Very weird indeed as they are ver convincing limbs and definitely no an up turned manikin - you could tell because the toes are pressed up against the wall - they were properly articulated and every thing. The only thing I could thonk was that the scene was filmed behind the FX workshop w and continuity hadn't noticed a disposed prop in the bin was in frame….very odd.

All in all I enjoyed it - lots of references to Who itself - I hope that in due course they'll do genuine crossovers...that would be cool and build on the mythology of the Whoverse !