October 16th, 2006


I am Gluteus Maximus ….and you are in Eland ...

I am Gluteus Maximus ….and you are in Eland which is much the same as being brain dead.

Cynical moi ?!

There’s nothing worse than turning up at work on a Monday morning to then have to bare witness to the Gladiator-esque pep talk being delivered by a team standing up for all to see in the middle of the open plan floor, ahead of, conference Ministerial speech or whatever, battle with the Germanic Hoards, or what ever hoards are battle worthy at present.

All shiny and be-suited clutching their little cardboard cups of Starbucks power coffee…..

It’s not the sort of thing a chap with a bagful of swords slung over his shoulder should witness first thing in the morning.