October 13th, 2006


Sod it !

I was told earlier this year that I would need to have my lower and possibly upper wisdom teeth removed and yesterday afternoon I had a consultation with a dental surgeon/doctor yesterday.

I was suffering excruciating pain from the wisdom teeth on the lower jaw for about 3 weeks + earlier in the year - fortunately it didn't occur while I was out in Nepal as that would have made the experience uncomfortable.

The news wasn't great.

My teeth on my lower left jaw are unusually close to the nerve canal in the jaw and there is a significant risk of the nerve being damaged which would lead to a loss of some or all feeling in the lip. Nerve damage is a funny thing - and as well as the possibility of a loss of sensation the damage could result in constant 'pins and needles' type sensations or occasional shooting pains.

Such close proximity of my teeth to the nerve only occurs in 2% of the patients they see, but of those 2%, 20% suffer nerve damage resulting from surgery.

The doctor made it very clear that I could fall into this group.

So the choice is simple.

Leave the wisdom tooth in, and experience regular toothache, and run the risk of damage to adjoining teeth and jaw abscess, or have it out and loose all feeling in my lower lip, or worse possibly be in pain or discomfort for life.

Nice choice.

Oh and to top it all - the operation to remove my right wisdom tooth is likely to be February or march next year - right when I am supposed to be going back to Nepal.

Modern Medical Science can do amazing things - except anything that gos wrong with me (Achilles tendinitis and now my wisdom teeth).