October 5th, 2006


'I'm afraid that I was very, very drunk'. Rowley Birkin QC

I’m afraid I have, as the Irish would say, ‘drink taken’ .
Approximately in the style of Rowley Birkin QC from the Fast Show……… “very very drunk”

2 and ½ pint is quite enough for me to be ‘quite nicely thank-you very much’ ….

Only now I have to write a robust and challenging E-mail to many Directors (grade 3 level) of policy challenging them to location minions to deal with legislative consent regimes ……..

I can barely type ….let alone construct meaningful sentences.

(thank goodness for spillchick as less than one in three words in this post were spelled correctly)


Happily thought I can report that the entire world has been put to right !

...oh and I love everybody !

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HA ! My boss has gone for a Dental appointment and no back until 4:30 ! What are the odds of me leaving now and not getting caught.......

This is all his fult you know...h ebought the extra pint and a half.....I tole him it wads a bad idea.