October 4th, 2006


"Action Civil Servant"

“To find out more about flexible deployment and the pilots, sign up for the briefing session on Blah blah blah at 'around home-time' o'clock in the press conference room”

My god that sounds fantastic…sounds like the Department is gearing up to turn us into High Altitude Low Opening (HALO) - Special/Covert Operations civil servants …able to “get a grip” and wave a flash card, in even under the most extreme pressure while hoofing it out the back of a Hurcules C5 at 42,000 ft behind enemy lines while assembling HKMP5 in free fall…..

We rock !

Of course in reality if they get every one to work from home or reduce their hours then they’ll save money….mind you the estute among you will have realised that this won’t get the job done either…won’t make life any easier for the grunts that have to answer the phone or pick up the stuff that colleagues would be doing if they were at worek rather than being “Action Civil Servant” while deploying their flexible bits…

Thank goodness I have a “can-do” attitude that’s all I can say….

(gack) (spits out another chuck of cynisism)

In other news, it has begun to get quite parky in “Little Siberia” of an evening/night time and I’ve had to put the winter layer back on the duvet…

Which resulted in a toastie nights sleep. When the alarm woke me this morning I just rolled over and went back to sleep waking 15 minutes later when I realised the snooze function hadn’t kicked in…

Frankly it was so cosy I was consdering going into hybernation and not actually bothering to come in untill the Spring.

…call it a ‘flexible deployment’ !....

Fly me to the Moon....

Work is ‘busy boring’.

I’ve screamed silently twice this morning.

Tonight I may start preparing a canvas for a Moon landing painting or digging out my folder of reference for an ‘as yet’ un-started AL7(B) moonsuit replica.

So I’m going to the Science Museum to take another look at the neck ring for the Apollo A7L suit they have there.

Anything to get away from work…

Murphy's Law

Typical !

Off I trot to the Science Museum ...only to find the Space Gallery very much, closed for refurbishment !

So nothing for it I really must go to the National Space Museum up near Leicester....I wonder if it's do-able in a day.....