October 3rd, 2006


That one small word for a quote, one giant leap for its interpretation

(Background crackle) “That’s one small step for man, (crackle shussssh) one giant leap for mankind.”

“But that doesn’t make sense”, moaned the pedants…….for 30 years or so..

Pedants are like that.

Funny said the Mr Armstrong I could have sworn I said “That’s one small step for a man...”

But listen to the recordings the pedants say…….

Ho hum said Neil Armstrong…what’s the big deal?
Now it turns out that new analysis of the tapes has proved Neil Armstrong right after all.

Computer programmer or geek ( not meant pejoratively) Peter Shann Ford used an audio analysis software package to show that the "a" was blotted out by transmission static.

So the pedants can finally get a good night sleep knowing that arguably one of the most well known quotes ever…finally makes sense.

Balance is restored to the universe ….

My only worry is that now they'll start banging on about whether or not he actually went to the moon in the first place......