September 28th, 2006


Arrrggghhhh ! :(

Still on jury service ...currently locked in a small room going over Catch 22 without any style whatsoever !

With no deffinate end in sight.

Not Guilty.

After three trials, the latest lasting almost four weeks, and two of the most intensely frustrating days I have ever experienced considering the verdict, I and 11 others found Dwayne Vincent, 27, lead singer of Rap/Garage band So Solid Crew not guilty of conspiring with his former friend Carl Morgan to carry out a revenge killing on Colin Scarlet.

I'm exhausted. Four weeks of intense scrutiny of the evidence and over 14 hours of trying to get a unanimous verdict have left me absolutely drained.

I've learned a great deal about legal process, human nature, and difficulty of getting people to change their personal view in the face of factual evidence and contradictory evidence.

No one has won.

Live and careers are ended.

I need a stiff drink, and a long rest.