September 26th, 2006


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Ok well I have a day off court/work at the moment…High Court Judges orders ! YAYYYYY !

Last week I stupidly agreed to go in to work…even though I didn't need to…well stuff that…

So Yoday I have:
1. Had a nice lie in
2. Called in briefly on Mum and Dad who are going away tomorrow
3. Went to the Gym where I did a 65 minute 30km cycle ride on a hill programme burning some 600+ calories and went for a 30 minute swim.

And now after my shower I shall spend the afternoon

1. Having a tuna salad lunch
2. Drawing painting or sculpting,
3. Visiting my Grandmother
4. Calling in on the old folks for a coffee/tea this evening,
5. Watch one of my many unwatched movies on DVD

Pity I can't have more days like this….


Gah ! The boiler has packed in again…. So while I wait for the central heating to fire up and do the job the boiler should do instantly…

Music !

Two things..Juliette and the Licks ….That's Juiliette Lewis !!!

I am currently over-listening to an Album I bought last week - Seth Lakeman - Freedom Fields.

Originally from Devon/Cornwall direction, he seems to have his roots in folk (with a touch of rockiness). Lots of acoustic guitar, violin, and the odd banjo…..

Songs all seem to be based around folk mythology, legend and historic military events…

Great stuff quite up lifting. Particularly enjoying:

Lady of the Sea - Based on a Cornish Shipwreck in the 1780's.
King and Country - A woman whose sweetheart is called to fight in WWI
1643 - Based on the English Civil War when Plymouth stood against the Royalists.
Riflemen of War - Based on a battle in the Anglo Dutch War in 1653
The Colliers - Based on the Gresford Colliery Disaster

Right…some singing in the shower is called for…. That'll get rid of the neighbours cat…..