September 12th, 2006


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Jury Service is meaning that I don't have access to the web during the day and frankly the last few days have been so unutterably hectic that I have not had time to post.

However, Sunday turned out to be a pretty monumental day.

Not only did I decorate younger Bro and SILs living room ceiling ….a night a dream came true.

I got to see a lecture given by one of my Hero's Al Bean, LEM Pilot from Apollo 12, and latterly Apollo artist and painter.

Afterwards I even got to meet him and have a my book Apollo (a beautiful Hardback book of Al Bean's artwork bought for me by Mum ) and a Black and White Photo Graph that I got printed out by Antony and Sarah (though I had to queue for a second time for the picture). …. And I got to shake the hand of a man who has walked on the Moon.


If only I could have taken my Uncle Nik with me to meet him, as it was Nik that got me so excited by Spaceflight and art.

I was a wonderful night after a couple of stressful days …but most definitely a night I will remember for a very very long time indeed.

So, given the recent announcements from NASA, I wonder know whether I will see Man return to the moon , in which case having been born as one of the youngest members of Generation X I will span the two period of Lunar exploration.

I also met Andrew Smith, writer of Moondust and Host for the Evening…and got him to sign the book Sharon bought me for Christmas.

Oh and on a more earthy practical point….the bloke is currently building my new fence….

….and the goatee's gone.

See I told you it was monumental.