September 1st, 2006


Airfix Goes into Administration

I was saddened to hear on the Today Programme this morning that Airfix has gone into administration.

As a kid and a teen I was a mad keen collector and builder of model kits, especially the Airfix Space models.

The 1/144th scale Saturn V is an absolute classic as was their military pontoon bridge. These kits were 'kitbashed' to make everything from X - wing fighters, Space 1999 Eagles, Star Destroyers and literally dozens of other well known film models.....

Pity because I was going to try and pick up a few Saturn Vs ...... but as usual since these were deleted a good few years back they are now upwards of £100 on evil bay.....

With the sale of the company and it's assets maybe a more specialised kit producer will buy and reissue thoe models...

I do hope so.....
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The Fencing Summer BBQ....

Tomorrow I have invited a few people (mostly civil servant fencers- but some proper people too) round for a chilled out summer.

Well it is planned to be chilled out.

The Weather forcasts threatens 'washed out'.

And what have the last two days been like. Sunny and on the whole dry.
Look out the window now...Sunny !

BLUE SKY and Fwuffy white clouds...most agreeable.

....However as I type the four horsemen of the Apocalypse are gathering the storm clouds around them somewhere out in the Atlantic and are even now heading slowley Croydonwards.....

Looking forward to the I've never ever had so many people round. But sooooo much to do, can feel chest tightening at the prospect and suspect it'll be another late one tonight.

There's also stuff which I must get tomorrow morning but which I cannot be sure of being able to pick up...Ice for cooling drinks, rolls , french bread. Gahhh!
What wine to get ???
Where did I leave my BBQ sauce recipie....

PS must remember to hide my Cybermen !


Look the BBC has even made a little animation of what it will look like outside my nice new clean windows tomorrow...
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...See what I mean ?!

Caddyman's musing on Peter Jackson's remake of the classic British film The Dambusters reminded me to check on a rumour I heard last week.....

And dadgammit isn't it flipping true !

Paramount are rereleasing and digitally remastering many Star Trek (The Original Series) episodes - with digitally inserted special effects, CGI space ships and revamped music.

This is fundimentally different to restoring or preventing from decaying old film stock. This is arssing around on an unforgivable scale.

I want to stick someone's head in a transporter while holding the rest of them back off the transporter pad !

Why can't they leave an original piece or art alone !

Feck it, you don't get Egyptologists susgesting that they redo ancient pyramid frescos in dulux coz its a bit more durable !.....

Or any one repainting a old masters work with more modern stable paints.....

Stepping back from a Rodin or a Michaelangelo and going..."nah lets redo that bit ..... in supersculpy!"


George Lucas has a lot to answer for !
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