August 25th, 2006


Everest's Biggest Toll...

Well it's official.

2006 has seen the highest death toll on the slopes of Everest in more than a decade. It was the incidents of 1996 which saw the scale of human loss on the mountain hit the worlds headlines on such a huge scale.

Chomolungma has claimed 15 lives this year. Two died on the approach before the climbing season even begun while I was there in February. So desperately sad, and such a needless waste.

I suspect ignorance,stupidity, bravado and ego to be largely to blame. The Metro carried a very brief article which quoted Dr Andrew Sutherland of the Nuffield Department of Surgery, Oxford, who believes that the increase in deaths is not solely the lack of mountaineering ability of casualties, but that it is that they climb above their altitude ability.

I am currently writting up my account of my trip to Everest base camp in February, and it's only on re-reading my diary (without the rose coloured specs!!) that I realise just what a bloody hard a slog it really was.

Bill will be coming to my BBQ next weekend so , I'm really looking forward to hearing his plans for next winter in the Himilaya, and running my plans for Cho Oyo base camp past him.

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Poor Pluto.....Poor Pluto....

Well there you go, I have my finger on the zeitgeist of scientific opinion after all !

I knew booting Pluto out of the Solar System (not literally of course) by downgrading it's status as a planet was a bad idea...and it appears that the scientific community agree. (and disagree)

I say we put the scientists in the ring. I think we should let 'em duke it out !

...A battle truely fitting for the gods...

So come on people "Honk if Pluto is still a planet"....

DISCLAIMER: Please make sure you have a car equipped with a horn before you attempt this !

PS: or say Pardon me...

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