August 23rd, 2006


Ministry of the Absurd...

Snigger. Oh deary deary me,

I see that Nanny Labour has now appointed Public Health minister Caroline Flint as 'Minister for Fitness'....

Her job is now to get people to boost their activity levels.

Doughnuts to be outlawed?

Giant Hamster Wheels to be installed in the place of work?

DPM to loose half own bodyweight ?!?!

Benefit Cheques to be pinned 2 ft above recipients heads to make em jump for them?

This should be fun.....
me achieving the goal before this decade is out, of landing a man on the moon....

NASA have announced the name of the new manned space exploratoin vehicle that will replace the Space Shuttle.

The new crew exploration vehicle will be named Orion.

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The Constellation Program, I guess it will Orion from now on, will develop the craft to carry a new generation of explorers back to the moon and later to Mars.

The new rocket has been named too Ares I & Ares V. Homage to the Saturn Is Vs.

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Unlike the Saturn Series each moon and Mars Mission will consist of two Vehicles one to launch the crew, while the second will lanch the lander. Awsome !

I think the new vehicle looks fantastic - it really is an echo of the Apollo Programme.

Now more than ever I want to try and get back to the States to see a shuttle launch before the old girl leaves active service.

Sadly I was not born early enough to experience the dawn of the Space Age and witness the Mercury and Gemini Series. And I was a mere baby when the final Apollo moon missions were completed. However, I do remember the Apollo Skylab programme and I have followed all the shuttle launches avidly.

I think this is soooo exciting !