August 21st, 2006


Le Weekend

Phew well that was a busy one. Back to work for a rest. Well not quite I've got shed loads and it's all old and back dated. My own fault, I know. I don't deserve any sympathy it's just that works has been so wretched of late.

Friday night I went to the 47th Prom with Christine and some of her friend from her social club. The line up was

Shostakovich: The Golden Age excerpts 25’
Schnittke's Viola Concerto 34’
Tchaikovsky's Symphony No. 6 in B minor, ‘Pathétique’ 48’

The general consensus was that Shostakovich and Tchaikovsky's were ok but that the Schnittke wasn't all that good. Pity I liked it . It reminded me of t Gyorgi Ligeti and his score to 2001:A Space Odessey. Lots of swelling harmonies and dissonant harmonies.

The Shostakovich sounded very familiar, especially the "Tea for Two" melody (!) and I suspect the Johnny Williams had been up to his old tricks and might have half inched a couple of the phrases for one of his bazillion soundtracks….

Afterwards we wandered back towards High Street Kensington to find a pub. Eventually we found one at about 10:35, so we only had time for a quick drink before closing time. Here friends seemed pleasant enough, and seemed to want to know what I was into.Conversation ranged from the origins of swordfighting to the difficulties of fitting a Cello in a Lotus Elise rather than an ex girlfriends Micra (I offered to swap for my old micra but the offer was sadly refused), to curry evenings. Walked back to Glouster Road and said goodbye to Christine on the tube as she's off to Slovina for a week.

Got home at about 12:45 and made myself egg on toast. Made the fatal mistake of turning on Film 4 and got engrossed in Choses Secrètes. An story about two French hotties who decide to use their feminine wiles to make their fortunes in the workplace. The film seemed quite stylish but eventually just started to disappear up it's own rear end…… I scoffed my eggs on toast and had a mug of tea and realised it was well past 1…but by this time I wanted to see the end of the film, as interspersed with the factual everyday imagery it alluded to a supernatural element underlying the main plot. I eventually found a half used tape and stuck it on to record the rest of the film while I turned in just after 2am.

I got up at 9 on Saturday morning and started to prepare a picnic.
Sharon was due to arrive at 10:30 ish.

Put the rice on and ate breakfast and watched the end of Choses Secrètes. The film which started out as a stylish femme Fatale flick turned a bit soppy with v OTT orgy scenes and convoluted physcho babble. And I never did really make sense of the strange visions that appeared throughout the film that turned out to be the 'ghost/spirit' of one off the girls …who bizarrely didn't die. V Odd. But it looked good as many French films do…..

Bimbled through morning ablutions and dressed pottered and was half way through brushing teeth when the door bell went

Sharon arrived a bit after 11, she was running late and we sat and talked and drank tea. We were about to start on refills when we decided we'd better head off for our picnic in the Ashdown forest or we'd just sit nattering.

After noshing on the picnic (we had enough food for an army) we wandered off for a 3 hour meander from Wych Cross. Walked through woods out across heath land and through woodland. The weather held off and it actually became quite hot and muggy.

Found a swing early on in the walk. Though when a family with lchildren came along we handed it over , to return to it on the return trip.

On the way back stopped at the swing again for a drink and to finiah the fruit from the picnic. The swing was the source of much fun and silliness. Trying to catch and eat cherries while swinging back and forth is much more difficult than it seems. Being an amateur constructed swing, meant that it spun as well as swung back and forth……

Well until my fat arse broke it anyhow….(just no one tell the kids ok !!!)

What is the recognised etiquette for having broken a Childrens swing in a forest…I find my knowledge in this area sadly lacking. ? :o(

On the way back I almost trod on a fallow deer, while trying to locate a path in heavy bracken. I am not sure who was more startled me of the deer…… but personally I think the deer should have heard a 'fat arsed swing destroyer' way earlier than it did !

Once back at the car we set to having another drink and munching through Cadbury's Chocolate Mini Rolls there weren't that many left over at the end and we went home.

Owing to the over indulgence of Cadbury's Mini rolls neither of fancied dinner , so we sat and watched Dr Who while finishing off the last few lonely looking mini rolls and playing with radio controlled infra red battling Daleks. Sharon Doesn't like Cybermen apparently !

We just chattered away as per normal about nothing much and Sharon headed home at around 10:30 in the end and I turned in at around midnight after she'd called to say she'd got home safe.

Sunday was a 'hard labour' day.

I spent pretty much most of the morning taking waste rubble dug up from the garden, cut up logs and grass and hedge trimmings to the dump. I took 5 car loads up to the dump in the end. The afternoon was spent, clearing/deforesting the scrub area at the back of the garden and removing all the obstacles from the boundary ahead of the new fence going.

In the evening I went home to the AP's place for dinner, Grandma was there too. After dinner we watched Doctor Who ….yes folks Dad quite happily watched Doctor Who without complaining ! …..and then at around 8:40 I took Grandma Home. When I did get home I realised I was out of milk again and had to pop out again.

Finally home at about 9:20.
Made sandwiches.
Put a load of washing on.

Pottered around until midnight and turned in.

Busy Weekend………