August 17th, 2006


Most expensive year of life: 34

Being 34 years old is considered the most costly age, according to a survey featured on BBC online.

I concur wholeheartedly.

Last week saw me shell out:

£254 for Car insurance
£350 for Service and MOT
£115 for the fecking tree muppet/surgeon
£20 Brothers Birthday stuff
£20 On coffee table books (they were a bargain)
£15 on Tickets for Friday nights Prom

and assorted brown notes the sum total of which I am too feargul to calculate ... on Star Wars/Stargate

Some time in the next few weeks I expect to shell out
about £950 on new fencing for my garden.

Argggggghhhhhhhh !

I then need £800 ish for new kick ass PC, and about £1k for Nepal: The Sequel......

I need to sell a kidney or to meet a very rich woman.
...looks not important if we're talking over the £1m level.

(fingers crossed...they are really !)