August 15th, 2006


"My Brain Hurts !"

I had a headache develop yesterday afternoon.

I had to go and buy some Ibuprophen about an hour or so before I was due to coach the fencing class.

Fortunately this kicked in sufficiently to stop me developing a monster headache.

Got home reasonably early just after 10 pm made a very quick spag bol, and downed a couple of Solpadine was in bed at around 11:30 and went unconscious soon after.

However, woke this morning with headache. V bad.

I really want to make headway with backlog of work today....but my brain hurts.

Stop That Pigeon Stop That Pigeon...

Nab him, Jab him, Tab him, Grab him , Stop that pigeon now !

Well that's what I imagine to be going through the head of the Harris Hawk that finds itself fluttering around the Courtyard of the FCO, CO and ODPM once a month.

I hadn't seen him for ages, and remarked on the fact last week, then mid morning today I hear the tinckle of the bells on his jessies....

However I have never seen him bag one of the sky rats...and bizarely his owner/minder keeps feeding him little bits of he's probably not all that hungry.....

The guys in the office are convinced it's a sparrow hawk.....I can't seem to disuade them ! I have an RSPB mug so am an obvious authority on the matter ;)

Any way all this is rather off topic, as I have decided that the reason I am glum (and probably the cause of my headache) is that the Swallows and House Martins have all left.......

I quietly enjoy seeing the first "flingys" of the year and like to watch them as they prepare to migrate....this year however I didn't notice them leave.....

I will make an effort to spot the odd straggler over the next few days...but fear i've left it to late.

Now, as an aside.........hands up everyone who hears Mutley in their head !


Feeling very out of sorts.

Left work at 4:30 - didn't achieve much today. Went home via Time trek and might have bought ..stuff.

Got home and went up to see Grandma collect some....stuff ...she had taken delivery of for me.

Got home made a quick sweet and sour chicken and rice and pottered.

Persistant headache is persisting. A lot.

I think this is due to the increasing backlog of work I have and my failure to foccus and start clearing.

I'm stressed, tired and fed up.

I have spent some time this evening typing up my Travel journal from my trip to Nepal in February. Not sure if this has helped.

Am off to get a hot chocolate and will turn in.
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