August 12th, 2006


Part the First...

In keeping with recent weeks I have very little energy this morning.

I think I'm stuck in my head-doldrums.

Had a good evening last nightover at my Brother's. Mum Dad Antony and Sarah and I all went out to the local Harvester and ate lots of dead animal to mark his birthday.

It was a smashing evening, very natural lots of silly laughter and good company. It wasn't a particularly late night home. I was in before twelve and pretty much went straight to bed - but I woke this morning utterly exhausted and feeling like I had downed many pints when in fact I haven't had drink on almost a week.

Managed to catch a repeat of BBC Radio 4s Great Lives last night on the drive home. Lively! Chris Hitchens the guest on the show had chosen Leon Trotsky as his subjecct to profile. The show featured Hitchens, Matthew Parris and some academic spod who's name escapes who was about to embark on a biography of the Speccy Russian Revolutionary. The spod didn't get much of a lookin .

It started well enough but gradually the programme just went off the rails and everyone got a bit precious and ratty with one another.

I suspect there was more ego, camp testosterone and bookishness than one studio could hold.

In the end I was a bit peeved I genuinely wouldn't have minded learning more about Trotsky but felt like I had been subjected to a rather pedantic and petulent arguement by acadmeics who where too tired, lazy or frustrated to talk about the figue objectively.

None of them came off particlarly well.
I bet their mothers would have slapped the behinds of their legs !

Well the repeats of Scrubs on ABC1 have finished, I've run out of milk which means my supply of mugs of tea is running dangerously low.

I suppose I should shower dress and find more cow juice...

My life is soooo exciting....

Oh look a mental albatross !
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