August 10th, 2006



I woke to hear the news of the foiled terrorist plot to blow up planes heading to the US and that British Airports seem to be shutting down and are only allowing inbound flights that are in the air to land. This must be the first tme since Sept 11 2001 that the skys have been emptied.

Very grim news indeed.

Sadly though inevitable that someone would try something like.

However for every, difficult, high risk/ 'spectacular' attack that is foiled, it just pushes the nutters to try and hit softer, easier targets which are less easy to protect. I don't like thinking about that….

So, the security alert status ratchets up to DEFCON 5 and I remember the 'Narrator' from War of the Worlds and his account of Friday night after seeing the events that occurred on Horsell Common...

Exterminate! Exterminate! *Exterminate*!

All things Whovian seem to be very popular at the moment and very much a part of the Zeitgeist. I was passing Alders in Croydon recently and noticed an abundance of Brown and Blue pinstriped suits in the window.

I am not a dedicated follower of fashion, ( I bet you can't get that song out of your head now ! - bet you can't) but I can't ever remember seeing brown pinstripe suits being advertised on the high street let alone seen 'Geek Chic' heralded as cool.

But such are the fickle ways of the world.

As for the New series I have put off buying the new series DVD as I've been watching the pennies (Cough - splutter - whispers aside - except where merchandise is concerned).

Anyway I was having dinner last night when I noticed that they are showing series 1 again - and I liked Chris Ecclestone's Dr very much. Unfortunately Aunty started the re-run on 6th Aug so are now half way-ish through. But while I can't record all of season one - I can make sure I record Dalek onwards from tonight (which are most of the best episodes).

So really looking forward to getting home tonight.

I shall do my best to refrain from getting out my 5" Battle Dalek and letting it run amok on the coffee table….

And NO ! That is not a euphemism !