August 9th, 2006


The Mothership has been refitted

For over a year now I have been absent from the Mothership of my Department.

I have been working from a 'proper' Office in Whitehall.

A building that is made of quarried stone.
A building that still has fireplaces in the offices.
Ceilings that are are about 10 to 12 foot high.
Elaborate cornice work, and ships lanterns decorate the corridoors of power and we have meeting rooms where once the body of Admiral Lord Nelson was laid out.

Proper building you see !

Today I went back to the mothership and used the lifts (I have made a point of not using lifts ever since I was in training for Nepal earlier in the year) ....only to be met with a machine that would impress the makers of Star Trek or the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation.

Cut steel, back lit ceilings, Majel Barret talking you through the journey, red flashing lights on the door trim when closing changing to green when opening...

Captain Perm Sec will be requiring figure hugging uniforms and Holodecks next.

I'm going to miss my dusty old office when I return to the shiny USS plastic and metal refit Mothership - A