August 8th, 2006


By Jove I think they've got it....

Well maybe more like ..By Jove I think they're doing rather well.

Week two of ten at the fencing club last night and after last weeks very 'quick on the take up' group I decided to push them a bit harder and they really rose to the challenge.

I'm following the lead of my second in command (who is actually a more accomplished fencer than I) and introducing the competitive element into the training routines immediately. In the past the theoretical building block approach leading up to the stabbiness (technical term) has tended to leave them a bit detached from the concept of running the other b*****d through to the hilt (again, technical term). However I refuse to drop the classical elements and coach a purely modern combative competitive style.
For the beginner's course, I insist they cover all the basics, properly.

The one thing I have realised is that coaching them from the perspective of proper combat does put the student in a better frame of mind. It's pointless trying to teach somebody fencing without trying to get them to engage with the concept that they are actually fighting and were it not for the safety clothing and the safety weapons of the swords - they'd be killing each other.

The women especially seem to like this approach which often elicits wry grins and twinkles of the eye ...this is a bit of a worry.

Last night they were fencing in pairs and trying to get their heads around; fencing distance, fencing time, right of way/priority and reposting within time.

..they were pretty good.

Stayed on after fencing for longer than planned. James and Elizabeth were very sweet and had bought me a prezzie ...I like prezzies and never never get surprise ones like this...they'd bought me Downfall on DVD. Been wanting to see this for ages, and they had both said it was fab, and now I have it on DVD means I get all the extra doohickies too....very cool of them !

Bad Lurch ! BAD LURCH !

Bad Lurch

In the time honoured tradition of having abso-freaking-lutely no self control, whatsoever I found myself in Forbidden Planet at lunch time and saw that a new range of figures had been released.

In my defence I managed to stop myself buying the whole damned set, so there is a glimmer of hope there but not much…. suffice to say I am now the owner of a :

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