August 7th, 2006


Seriously STOP !

If I channel-hop anymore and discover any more Celebrity (and I use the term guardedly) TV reality shows I am in danger of putting my foot through the box and buying one of those nice plasma jobbies, setting it to film channels and then ripping of the handset buttons !

Big Brother, Big Brothers Little Brother, Big Brothers little Brian (no Shit!!), Big Brother Live, Big Brother from an Hour ago on E4+1 almost live, Big Brother Diary room uncut, Big Brother - yes they're all asleep but it's cheaper than making actual tv shows, Big Brothers rather enormous pile of steaming pooh!

and now there's Celebrity Love Island, Celebrity Love Island after Sun..... no to mention sodding high school reunions, kindergarten reunited.

...Restoration for our Anglo Saxon dated villages with its rambling rose encrusted tea rooms or Little Fickleshole 'gets it !'......

....and I watched in horror what I thought was a serious documentary on Prehistoric creatures only to find it was a docu-drama (steaming pile of T Rex Pooh) about a time travelling git bringing woolly mammoths back to modern day Africa and having to give them a hair cut....coz it's like totally hot in Africa dude and there's like no Ice.... man......

For fecks sake NO MORE !

Intelligent Telly or none thank you very much.

I could probably have coped better had my parents learned how to record This Island Earth on their shiny New DVD player....but they didn't.....


.....Oh dear...literaly tears of laughter.. ...someone has just passed me a report in which.....oh, pull self which the author has included the line,
"facts don't change!".

.....oh sides ache.

..and I'll tell you another thing !....

I'm not sure what is more amusing the article about the bar in eastern China which has come up with a novel way of attracting clients - they are allowed to beat up the staff.

or the list of things that drives BBCNews Online readers mad...

Either way both are wonderfully cathartic.

Poor spelling features quite a lot.

Let's not mention the Moose eh......