August 5th, 2006


Yaaaayyyyy and Boooooooo

OK this weekend was suposed to be down time to enable me to catch up with all the things that I have supposed to be doing round the house for ages.

However I have been organised by my friend Christine and I now appear to be heading off to the Watts Gallery in deepest darkest Surrey join her and, as I have subsequently found out, several members art class, to draw stuff.

Should be a barrel of gut wrenching cramps ...considering I can't draw for toffee/action figures.

Speaking of which I found a couple of LOTRs Epic Triology Figures that I was missing ...LOTR is one of the very few lines I have managed to collect almost in its entirity. However I can't find a checklist to absolutely sure and there apear to be half a dozen mythical figures which were scheduled for release but which I don't think anyone actually saw in stores. Evil bay has no trace either. Booooo

Found a cyberman ! Yaaaayyyyyy

Trying deperatelly to think of something for younger bros birthday.

Also realise I will have to drive down the haunted Caterham Bypass tonight. Rest assured I shall be keeping my eyes well and truely peeled for featureless faced ghost children standing at the side of the road or attempting to jump in front of me.

..must remeber to take spare pants.

.....Oh yeah and while we are on freaky things....and Film 4 are showing This Island Earth !!!!!! What a freaky coincidence eh !

I shall ask my parents to record it on their shiny new DVD player ! Yaaaaaayyyy !