August 3rd, 2006


On your marks. Get Set. SPIN !

Listened to the Today Programme over breakfast and was interested to note that Britain's outgoing ambassador in Baghdad has warned Tony Blair that the situation in Iraq is heading due south, big time and that it could take 5 - 10 years to settle.

If you look at similar situations in the Middle East, the Soviet Union, and Eastern Europe I reckon this is a conservative estimate.

Also interesting that the Foreign Office has refused to comment on the leaked document.

Of course in recent history other departing Ambassadors have warned much the same but instead of listening to them No. 10 has acted to discredit and down play their warnings.

The current administration increasingly operates solely out of No 10 and seems not to trust the machinery of Government any more, with opinions and advice of Civil Servants and Diplomatic staff no longer trusted. Even senior military commanders genuinely seem to be breaking ranks and openly criticising the government for failing to follow advice and overstretching the military machine.

I think this applies on all levels.

I wonder how long it will be before No 10 try to down play this one...


ARGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH ! have put the price of X-Files Season box sets back up to £29.99 from £12.99.

I was about to buy seasons 4-9.

Sods !

Why the feck do DVD prices fuluctuate so wildy !

£30 - £70 is stupid money for Boxed sets.
I won't pay it, do you hear me ?!
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Under fire. Literally. And Things to Come.

My French Friend Christine, E-mailed me this morning, to confirm that she had managed to get through to her friend in Lebanon.

She has allowed me to post the following:

"I rang my friend X this morning when I got up. I talked to her, she is surviving, she is in her parents house. She still has access to phone and email.

She is very very bitter and angry against everyone and against the fact nobody does anything. She is very angry against the US who support Israel. She says the problem is not really related to Syria and Iran and that occidental journalists tell lies. She calls Israelis savages, inhuman and barbarians. It was very hard to comfort her in such a difficult conflict, I should say, it was impossible. They do not really sleep and they get less and less food.

I am glad she is safe and hope she will remain."

Fighting a guerrilla force in an urban environment in which the majority of those affected (and by affected I mean, killed, maimed and made homeless) are innocents is an unacceptable form of warfare.

The longer the UK and US seek further "political clarity" before acting, the more bitterness and resentment will build and the more those on the receiving end will grow to hate those directly and indirectly responsible for their suffering. That kind of hate has a habit of turning into sympathy with those who wage guerrilla / terrorist actions.

It has always been the way and will always be the way.

I see Things to Come staring Raymond Massey based on HG Wells' The Shape of Things to Come, is due to be released next month. Think I'll replace my tired old VHS copy ……