August 2nd, 2006


There is a time and place for everything...

..a crowded tram probably wasn't it.

I was amused on the way nto work today…but it was probably politically incorrect.

I was on the tram on the way in this morning and watched a young woman probably in her 20's a couple of seats away doing her make up.

Nothing to odd about this. But it gradually went from a simple case applying lipstick and eye make up to a full on session.

Pot after pot emerged from a huge bag, all manner of brushes spongy things on sticks, pokey things and proddy things, compacts and tins. She sat there pouting into her mirror for the duration of the journey about 20 minutes, applying layer after layer of slap.

Eventually it got so surreal I had a hard time not staring and laughing.

It was like an unused scene from Airplane, I fully expected a pot of P38 car body filler to be brought out , followed by an angle grinder (complete with shower of sparks off her cheeks) followed by a can of primer…maybe some wet and dry paper, a couple of layers of automotive paint and maybe a bit of a wax and buff to finish….

V surreal.
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Dr Evil

Bloody Weather...

I've just had to turn the fan off in the office and the aircon is making the Old Admiralty feel mighty chilly and drafty.

I even found my self sneezing this morning.

I wish it would warm up a bit...