July 29th, 2006


Important Questions that need asking and things not to buy

Just how many radio controlled Daleks does a guy need ?!
Answer: I'd have thought the two radio control daleks that can do infra red battle, were enough for a 34 year old but apparently Evil Fencing Sculptor thinks a large 12" pepper pot and two further 5"single ones could be found homes for!

Just how many K9s does a guy need ?!
Answer: Well again we're in Dalek territory aren't we. The little 2.5" radio control one that is tucked away in a box under another pile of boxes full of tat should be enough…but just in case there's a pull back and go one…as added 'security of mind' (not sure who's) don't cha know….but apparently they're doing a 12" one that could be left to run around my nice minimalist front room…..Evil Fencing Sculptor wants one.

Just How many Life size Cyberman Head Props does a guy need?
Answer: Normal Fencingsculptor says none. Evil Fencing sculptor is sticking his hand in the air waving it around and reaching for his wallet with the other hand……

This doesn't even begin to scrape the surface of the other things that Evil Fencing Sculptor wants:

1. Back log of 3 3/4 " Start Wars Figures (about 20 - 30 odd figures)
2. To start Collecting the Sideshow Toys 1/6th scale Star Wars Figures (this is despite having approximately 200+ Hasbro 12" figures in the loft)
3. Back log of Lord of the Rings Movie Figures I have 200 = but am missing the last 10-15 or so.
4. 12" Frank From Donnie Darko ---research from a prop….HONEST
5. a 1/3500 scale or 3 foot model of NCC 1701 A …..it's only £29.99 !
6. a 1/6th Scale model of the Mercury Space Capsule and Escape Tower….again 3 foot +
7. A kick in the FECKING HEAD

Normal fencing sculptor needs to get a spine, or a hobyy (oh wait a minute I already have about 10 of those !!!!) or some porn or something to take his mind off all this frankly unnatural figure collecting…..

..and breath……

but what ever I do go only to Sainsbury's and not Argos or Toys R US……

Wonder if I could set up Voice mail with a cyberman voice....