July 24th, 2006


Land of the Free......

You know, increasingly I'm getting a trifle fed up of Tony "trust me I'm a lovely guy - well I can be, but it takes about 45 minutes" Blair and is band of paranoid advisors in Number 10/'Blair Lair' as they reshape and fashion the structure of my society and strip us of our rights.

Increasingly as the years go on I am less and less convinced that we're 'all' going to die at the hands of maniacal muslim terrorists / fundamentalists and unstable regimes as the very fabric of the modern world is undermined. I am significantly more worried about landing in jail if found to have a Swiss Army knife in my Rucksack after camping in the woods, having to prove I'm not a pedophile freak before I can be insured to teach fencing , and being banged up for having a plastic replica of an SA80 in the corner of my studio and a fibreglass tube which was once the launcher for a 66mm Anti Tank Rocket.

Blair as warm and friendly cuddle a Christian that I'm sure you are, I am coming round to the idea that you actually an utter, UTTER w@nker. You and your band of pseudo-intellectual gimps that parade as Minsters.

The last lot of oily self serving to$$sers under a banner of selfishness and one-upman-ship,took 18 years to prove themselves as unfit or government - you proving it in just over half the time.

Well at least that one thing you've delivered....


I was under the impression that I was a citizen of a free democracy. Seemingly not. Looks like I am having to pay through the teeth to prove who I am to an ineffective government.


This is by my standards an ill tempered, rude rant, that bareley touches the surface of a complex poitical and socialogoigical issue, but this mob are just getting on my nerves.

I wouldn't mind if they had actually delivered one single substantial policy, turned round completely one failing area of public policy.

Transport - nah - Still paying through the nose for a $hite service.
Health - Lots of money thrown in considerable improvements but still a long long way to go - MRSA etc etc
Education - Why do my friends have to move house just
to get their kids a good edjukashun ? Why are all my teacher friends so un utterably pi$$ed off...
Crime/Immigration/anything to do with the Home Office/DCA.....

But no... no real change. Hire a consultant, cut back on the central civil service or the people actually delivering a change, fiddle at the edge blame ever other fecker/IT system, while PR spinning away bland platitudes about reform and move onto the next debacle.

Good show...


It's a flamin nut house.

I should probably pull myself together....

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