July 23rd, 2006


Superman Returns

Da, da-da, da dah
Da, Da, Da,
Da, da-da, da dah

Oh ye he does and he does it with serous amounts of style.

Superman Returns is the first Film I have seen in a very very long time which deserves the title Blockbuster.

It has a script.
It's has a cracking good cast.
It looks beautiful.
It looks like the origianl film without the 70's cheese and wobbly crystal ship.
It has preserved Johnny Williams AWESOME Supes themes ---which rock.
It has spectacular effects - that are set in context - and therefore work.
It even retains the feel and design style of the 70's film and true to it's origins and previous versions without managing to feel dated or naff there are so many nodds to Donner' film I can't even begin to list them - so I shan't
The news supes...IS Supes ! It's really REALLY spooky in certain scenes he really looks like Chris Reeve.

A really fantastic film which I wouldlove to see again.

Not without it's flaws , I need to check out my Superman history before passing judgement though, but a couple of aspects kind of ticked me off a bit.

Hey George Lucas - if your listening - THAT'S how to make a movie.
You had all the ingredients - but you never made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end in the Cinema, Superman Returns sent a shiver down my spine and made me feel 6 again.

I really appreciate that in a film.