July 20th, 2006


Super Nerd, Taking Geek Chic to Extremes !

My name's Paul and I'm a geek, a nerd.
I am no longer ashamed !

I love film.

No I adore film !...I live for film, every aspect of them, the design the making of the the art depts and the post production stuff.

Period films, Classic films,War Films, Action Adventure films Cult Classics and of course the
Sci-Fi Blockbusters.

I also like props. They connect you to a film. You can hold a piece of it.

Props are shiny !

I don't have many coz by and large, originals are astronoically expensive and even replicas are v. pricey.

More often than not I trade, sculpt and make my own.

Now sometimes to set a prop of you need some part of the original costume. I'm not a seamstress and tracing jackets especially can be very hard.

Especially when the jacket was made especially or is of a rare discontinued pattern.

So imagine my joy at finding this on a prop forum:


I knew wested did the Indy jacket and I'm sad to say I've been tempted...but now I find they do other cool stuff......

Raiders of the Lost Ark - nuff said !
Memphis Belle - B3 pat' (want this as much as a spitfire jacket!)
9th Doctor Who's - Kriegsmarine Marine Jacket

(I may have just wet myself)

The Rocketeer Jacket is probably the Holy Grail of my Prop collection. I have the original helmet, I have the blueprints and componants and importantly the reference to make the backpack..... Now I can source an authentic jacket from under £600.

Stuff the new PC ...I need Jackets and resin !