July 14th, 2006


And the Olympic Pipe is lit ....

Hearalding the opening of the "Chap Olympics" hosted by Chaps Magazine - the bible for traditional gentlemen who are against the vulgarity of modern culture.

Here, here, whatto and all that.

Don't fancy my chances against that woman in the 'behave like cads' event, looks like she could deliver a fair Wallop what ?!

Three leged trouser race looks over-rated. All down to techniquie I say !

For some strange an unfathomable reason I fair needed the bulter to chuck a bucket of Iced Pimms over me on sight of the young lady in the lacey summer frock, straw hat and Pipe Relay race!

In the equine relay that woman from the behave like a cad event seems to have taken on the role of sturdy steed as her bloke is obviously a bit of a weed what !....My heavens look at those calves !

Caddyman appears to have got in on the act in the martini mixing event.

... and as for the young fillie on the picnic rug....I say !


It's a strange place England…

It's not the Years (honey), it's the mileage.

It's not the Years (honey), it's the mileage.

My goodness this is true today.

I am feeling the mileage alright. I do seem to have put myself through the mill this year. A month long trek 3 miles high in the Himalayas increased Gym schedule, increased fencing schedule….. and now throwing myself up rock faces.

I ache in places that I forgot I had, after a two day climbing trip to Harrison's Rocks near Tonbridge Well's.

I've come away with quite a few knocks bumps bruises, grazes and cuts.

A couple of nasties, on my right hand where the skin between my thumb and forefinger got dragged into the belay (won't be doing that again!) and on my left hand on my index finger which was jammed into a finger hold on a 5b while my saggy arse and the rest of my 13st decided to give into gravity and in the process 'wrench out' said finger which was happy to stay in it's comfy finger hole. The practical upshot of which was that as arm, saggy arse and rest of body was swinging off finger, finger integrity began to fail. I was lucky not to severely sprain it or break it. But it made climbing and belaying pretty darned painful for the rest of the day.

Despite vowing not to spend money on the trip I did end up buying kit - mostly because I loaned a colleague a lot of my gear, most notably my tent and my summer sleeping bag !

I had to use my tarp and Hammock and my 'cast iron' '58 pattern sleeping bag. I therefore had to blow £22 on a mosquito net - and I'm glad I did coz the critters were showing up in abundance !

Hammocks are in one respect great for sleeping out in. As you are not enclosed like in a tent. However if like me you're 6 ft and can't afford a 'Gucci' bit of kit like a Hennessey or some such design and you have just a bog standard, relatively short Jungle jobby, you can suffer from the hyper-extension of the knee during the night . This on top of the Achilles Tendonitis is a real pain…literally ! And not exactly conducive to another full days physical exertion.

'Still what doesn't kill us only makes us…'…all the more sore and grumbly!

Saw plenty of wildlife while I was there; Grass snake, lizards, butterflies, rabbits, and heard plenty of owls during the night. Also saw Badger sets, and fox holes.

Going back to Groombridge tomorrow with Christine though this time for a little more sedate leisure - as we visit Groombridge Place where they filmed the most recent adaptation of 'Pride and Prejudice'. This one of the 'visits' that we have been talking about doing since she saw the film when it was on at the flicks.


She has e-mailed to say she'll arrive at mine late, as she's knackered after a long week and travel with work.

I would like to be heading home about now for an early/uneventful night and I would like to imagine early nigh (although that would probably be unlikely). But I am meeting Sharon, Barney, Pat and Barbara at about 7pm, as I have tickets for a gig up at the Borderline to see Amsterdam live again.


Personally I'm knackered and could sleep for a week….

But more Rock beckons…….