July 13th, 2006


There and Back Again


Knackered, bruised, grazed, cut...

But had a great time.

Some musings on Nature.

Horse flies - No viable purpose whatsoever. To be made extinct.
Mosquito's - (See Horse flies).

Dawn Chorus - Very pleasant and enchanting and all that old pony, but perhaps it could be done just a bit later than dawn, say...10:30. either this or the Dawn Chorus should be fitted with a volume control.

Geological protrusions - should 'where difficult to climb' be fitted with a Stanna Chair lift.

Fit lithe teenagers should not be permitted to climb up rock faces like monkey's thus causing resentment and bitterness among their elders and fatters.

Bath before debrief.

I smell of stale sweat...therefore I am (in need of bath).