July 11th, 2006


(Six soldiers....er nope !) Three Civil Servants.Full moon. No chance.

Hey ho……

Onward to Anarchy!

Wrenworld Continues to be v busy.

You will of course have gathered from the previous post that much fun was had at the Annual Civil Service Games at Chiswick on Saturday and that as responsible adults we went to every possible lengths to ensure that there weren't and ghastly little bratlings in the line of sight of our impromptu and oh so big and reasonably clever-ish (and only slightly juvenile) spelling comp.

Sunday was the usual frenzy of Fencing, Family, Shopping (returning/exchanging goods) and preparing for Monday night's Bajan fencing comp and clearing up Chateau ahead of all that's happening this week.

Monday was quiet at work and Monday night we held a foil and Epee competition in honour of Jasper our Bajan Fencing Guest. He beat our foilists outright but came fourth out of five in Epee. A great fencer and one of those individuals that you meet in life who has instant charisma, charm and a warm personality. We chatted a lot over the course of the evening and he was very supportive our bid to take the club out to Barbados at some future date. One of the many things I'm planning. It then transpired that he'd been taught by Herman De Prez the same Master who taught me to coach. And I have to say that Jasper had the same genuine qualities that I liked about Herman.

It really is a small world.

Today Pat and I picked up the climbing kit from Damian (Adam was stuck in a meeting) and tonight will be a frenzy of activity as I shoot over to Decathlon at Lakeside to pick up missing kit and call in on Antony and Sarah to borrow their coolbox (to store chilled beer) before shooting back to Chateau Wren and make final arrangement clean house put food together pack car.

And Sleep eventually but probably not before the wee small hours.

Tomorrow I head off around mid morning for a couple of days climbing. Very much looking forward to it.

Tomorrow night I will be sleeping out in woodland in deepest darkest Kent.

I think I need to watch Dog Soldiers tonight !