July 8th, 2006


Beginings and endings

So it has begun.

I don't think I have any propoer free time for a few weeks now and while the events are mixture of work, fencing and personal I nevertheless get very tired / stressed when my scheduleis quitre so hectic.

I have had a lonf tiring day so I will be brief and might elaborate another time.

Last night I saw the Bertolt Brecht play 'The Life of Galileo'.
Abosultely wonderful production, I loved it. Fascinating story and very well performed. Unlike thhe critic I didn't mind it being 3 hours long Fascinating to see how the Chursch responded to Galileo's research all those years ago, and strange to relate it to the News items and feature this Morning on Today, in which the Church has threatend to excomunicate scientists involved in IVF and embryo research. History repeating itself ?

Today went up to leon pauls bought two new blades, and a T shirt. £80
Zoiks !

Then bombed back down the A5 to Chiswock for Sports day.

Sports day went well. Very hot very tiring.

However I did watch Dr Who - coudln't not. It was such a cliff hanger last week. And to be honest tonight's season finale was probably one of the best written, acted, produced and emotional bits of television that I have seen in avery long time.

The depth of character which has been created and explored in this series of Dr Who is excelptional. I'm used to getting a little misty eye'd watching MASH or maybe on occaision Quantum leap but few other how touch the nerve or pull at the herart strings. Dr Who has put the heart strings on the best guitar they could find and bashed the hell out of them tonight...... Really quite tiring watching charachters that I have grown so fond of get so hurt in the resolution of the story line.
I so wanted to hear The Doctor finally get those three words off his chest... but knew he wouldn't.

Season one was amazing refreshing must watch TV. Season two has been better still. I wasn't sure whether it would be after the first few eps ...but it's been superb.

One of the nicests features has been the break from the standard TV series structure which ends on a cliffhanger. This is a ghastly American trend which now infects so many show on both sides of the pond. I like that the questions are answered and you aren't left with the feeling that you're being strung along.

I hope season three's even better still.

.....And as for that surprised looking lady at the end....was it me or did she 'look bovver'd'.