July 7th, 2006


Time is an Illusion. Lunchtime doubly so...

Very deep.
And indeed true.

'Wrenworld' is hectic at present there is too much to do and organise and not enought time or breathing space to to it.

Tonight I am off to see the Life of Galileo at the National Theatre. I won'tr get home until very late.

Tomorrow Morning I have to be up early and choose either to head straight off by car to Leon Pauls which will mean I can't dringk at the CSSC Fun day or forget going to Leon Paul's and go to the CSSC funday get hammered and run the risk of gettting a lift home and letting mates see house in 'bombsite theme' condition. And I do mean i looks like the place has been turned over. Mustn't forget to tape Dr Who.

Sunday, mass, fencing, (not mass-fencing) followed by catching up with my grandmother followed later by caling in at old folks for dinner and then home around 9pm. If forgot to tape Dr Who - mustn't forget again - make note to beat self with something heavy as a reminder - but not so heavy as to make me forget whatit was I needed to remember.

Monday Work & Bajan fencing evening on Monday night - late home.

Tuesday work pick up climbing kit at lunchtime. Tuesday evening pack up kit maybe have some time to clean.

Wednesday and Thursday Rock climbing at Harrison's

Friday Work & Amsterdam gig at the Borderline on Friday Evening.

Ok that is virtually every minute for the next week accounted for !

Make note to book time in lavatory!

Saturday - remembered IO promised to take Christine (french friend ) to Groombridge where they Filmed Pride and Prejudice.

Sunday Mass, Fencing Grandparent, Parents dinner

Monday, Work and week 1 of new fencing course

then free until 21st which is the Departmental Sports day where I'm doing another Fencing Display.

Saturday is freeish and on the Sunday I have French Friend Christine's Birthday where I agreeed to meet a load of strangers and teach them to fence......

flip. I have over stretched myself ...big time !

Argggggghhhhhhhhhh !