July 4th, 2006


Dear Sigmund


It was officially too hot to fence tonight. Since fencing involves putting about three layers of heavy duty protective clothing on and hoping around like a nutter for two hours trying to stab someone in a room without windows or even air conditioning....you could infact argue that I'm bonkers.

I prefer to see it as 'about 3lbs lighter than when I started'.

Not one of the students showed up tonight so I actually did some fencing for a change. But not having expected to fence, I had only brought my coaching kit and was, has already been stated elsewhere, without fencing shoes, so I was resigned to using tight ill fitting club kit and borrowing weapons - not exactly conducive to competative fencing.

...but still beat one of the best epeeists in the club. Was dead choughed with that. I lead pretty much 8 to 4. Conceeded a couple of hits and got it to 13 - 9. I conceeded a few easy hits and then took it to 15 - 15 and then took a clean hit to win. V pleased. I often believe coaching newbies to take the edge off my competative fencing but if anything it gives me better point/blade control.

So fencing was good, but unbearably hot and sweaty.

At lunch time did some shopping bought a pair of Converse trainers (BJ Hunnicut stylee- dead cheap and didn't even realise you could buy them over here) at Lillywhites. Now I need to find a rose coloured thermal top and a 1952 USMC shirt....and to grow about a foot.

Then called into Virgin Megastore to browse the soundtrack section.
Could'nt help myself and bought Back to the Future/Alan Silvestri and CEOTTK/John Williams. They had soundtrack to seven years in Tibet too but exercised some restraint....ish

Suppose I should try and get to sleep or at least restrict movement/sweating to a minimum. I'm not going to get much sleep tonight.

It's about 72 degrees here in the studio............


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T minus 2 Hours 20 Minutes

Right about now the crew s of STS 121 should be strapped into their seats and getting ready to close out Discovery and go through all the CapCom air-to-ground voice tests before they kick the tires and light the fires.

I'm going to head off soon to make sure I'm home for the launch.

I don't know how excited they are but I can't wait - God help News 24 if they don't do a live coverage !

I don't think it's so much missing bits of foam like the following that should be a concern, more the bits that might come loose that thaey don't know about.
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Either way. Safe Journey Guys !
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T + 22 Minutes

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !

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7 miles a second. That's got to be a real kick in the butt ain't it ?!

I only have another 4 years before they retire Shuttle - I MUST try and get back there to experience a launch before she's put out to grass or turned in to a cafe.

....poor poor Buran !

Germany v Italy

Oh my goodness me !

What an amazing, amazing game. And what finish.Awesome.

THAT'S how you play football - are you listening England ?

I was hoping for a France v Germany final on Sunday, but sadly not to be.

I guess for Christine's sake I would like France win now, though in truth I have no real preference.