June 28th, 2006


Stuff n Nonsense

1. Coming into work today I saw a red Admiral sunning itself on the cobbles in the courtyard Admiralty House.

2. I need to find a specialist cleaner for my down sleeping bag.

3. Kim Catrell Samantha Jones from Sex and the City was a Vulcan in Star Trek the Undiscovered Country ! She was a rubbish Vulcan as she had this wry grin every time she delivered a line and what was going on with the shaved sideburns?! Very Strange!

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4. Universal Pictures and Republic Serials like Rocketman, Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers should be easier to get hold of!

5. I need to get tickets for Hampton Court for next Thursday/Friday.

6. I need to sort out the Fencing Summer BBQ damn quickly along with a sqillion other fencing related issues.

7. I have decided not to travel to Loughborough at the weekend to take part in the Annual Civil Service Fencing Competition. I missed seeing England win the Rugby World Cup for one of their comps in 2002 I am not going to miss England going out of the 2006 World Cup.

8. Find a very good reason to justify not buying a Mk VII British WWII Respirator Haversack and Webley Service Revolver. I'm planning to go with the "I have enough props, cr@p and vintage outdoors gear to be going on with" line. I can buy some new guttering instead !


WWII Mk VII Respirator Haversack unissued circa 1942


.....I could always use it on the trail in Nepal and in Kathmandu on return. I was always fiddling around with and having to take my rucksack on and off when really a satchel type thing would have been everso, everso useful.

It would go so well with the Mallory style goggles, and the 1940's Gebirgsjäger/Swiss Army rucsack !


Machine: Cross Trainer
Programme: Hill
Level: 20 (max)
Time : 60 minutes (Max)
Distance 9.27Km
Cals: 1070

Heart Rate: Max 173bpm