June 22nd, 2006


Society for the Care And Protection & Equality of Goatees

SCAPE Goatee

The SOS's APS has had a second pop in as many weeks about the post Everest fluffy chin. Poor little critter (the chin, not the APS).

Dear S

Please note that goatees have feelings too !

While we acknowledge that the one currently residing under one's protection is of dubious quality, I can confirm that it was very happy in it's natural environment of the Mount Everest Region of Nepal.
It is hoped that this particular Goatee will be returned to the wild in the vicinity of it's place of birth near Cho Oyu basecamp in early 2007.

See what a happy little fella he is?

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In a subsequent development late this afternoon the Goatee recieved approval from Number 10....... oh yes ... Number 10 no less.

The Goatee is safe for the time being...there's few can challenge the word of them wots in Number 10....and they provide such nice flapjacks !

They Were Robbed !

Just finished watching the Croatia v Australia game finishing in a 2 -2 draw.

Absolutely awful refereeing Australia were robbed blind. Denied two very obvious penalties.

Australia's last match was by far the best game of the World Cup so far and their performance tonight in the face of such utter incompetent refereeing was admirable. I doubt he's done his career prospects much good.

It what should have been 3 or 4 to 2, to Australia, they were by far the better side.

I think I might support Australia.... God help us if we come up against us. That's another sport they'll kick our asses at.

An e-mail to Wayne I believe !