June 9th, 2006


Pearly Jam (in jaw)

Dentists !

Been suffering badly from my impacted wisdom teeth since last Saturday. Realised that I had to pull proverbial finger out and join the local NHS practice, rather than feckin Marathon Man whose £200k lifestyle I have partially funded in years gone past.

Went in on Tuesday night and registered and went along this morning for my appointment.

No 'actual' work carried out.

Check up £15.50
X Ray (OPG) £18.50

Both lower wisdom teeth seriously impacted and need to be removed - Referral to Hospital/Stalag Mayday

To be done next week:

Cleaning either:
a) £22.24 (Basic clean - where they smile squirt water in your mouth and charge you £20 ) or
b) Extra Special Clean £37.50 (with added bling) Take a gold token , like at the carwash and you get a slightly less 'chav'ish hygenist that shows more cleavage.

3 replacement fillings on 6/6 choice of:
a) £42.40 Mercury/radioactive heavy metal that will render you dead in due course and will drop out between 5 minutes and 3 years after put in
b) £63.50 Lex poisonous metal filling that will probably just render you infertile/ Brain damaged
c) £140 White porcelain fillings loving crafted by Italian sculptors and virginal sirens.

Still in roughly the same amount of pain as before ... but bizarrely wallet considerably lighter.

M***********s !
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