May 11th, 2006


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Ducklings ! There are fluffy yellow/grey ducklings in St James' Park !

And other News:

Took delivery of a superb bit of kit last night. I recently placed a bid on Ebay and won a World War II era Swiss Army canvas and Leather Rucksac, an 'A' Frame 45ltr Bergen style pack in unissued absolutely mint condition. At £15 it was an absolute bargain.

It hardly weighs any more than my Berghaus Dart 45, has the same 'free airflow' feature that many modern sacks have by means of the a frame and strapping, has the added bonus of being made of entirely natural resources. An awsome bit of kit.

Shiny !

Which reminds me I may allow my self to purchase Serenity on DVD as I am suffering from extreme 'Firefly' deprivation.