February 4th, 2006


Trek - Launch Date

Saturday 4th February.

Mum and Dad called at 7:30 am and drove me to the airport. News from yesterday is still fresh - I phoned Grandma from the airport. She and I were very upset.

Said goodbyes to the folks and went through departures.

Flight was a bit late but very comforatable. Sat with a woman called Denise (from Kensington, London). Nice travelling comanion - good chat. (She had) two sons, she doesn't work, (and is) off to India for a wedding and 2 weeks at a spa. Arrived at Abu Dhabi at 9:50pm. At Abu Dhabi onward flight delayed from 2:15 to 3:45am ! No announcements no infor - eventually I headed off to the gate at 3:20 found everyone boarding!

Was very tired and kept dozing. Arrived at Kathmandu at just after 11 am rather than 9:00am (as scheduled) on Sunday 5th February.