January 22nd, 2006


Lost Horizons

Those who know me, well one person anyway, are aware that I have spent the last year pursuing a dream to travel to Nepal and spend a month in the middle of the Himalayan winter exploring the top of the world in the company of a Sherpa whom I've never even met.

I have trained between three and four times a week, I've lived off rice and pasta to save money, I've stopped buying memorabilia, DVDs, CDs, books. I've spent months reading and researching high altitude trekking, ploted my route, researched and evaluated equipment. I saved up almost a whole years worth of annual leaveand arranged a solid month off work- something I probably won't be able to arrange as easily again. I've spent nearly £1k on kit and bought my tickets - though irritatingly not my insurance and now at the 11th hour……it all goes to $hit in a basket.

I so wanted to do this trek ….I so needed to do this trek. And it all now seems to be slipping away as theviolence escalatesand the FCO advise against all non essential travel to Nepal.

Lost Horizons indeed.

I hope there is no more loss of life…..


I'm so disapointed.
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