January 12th, 2006


Trek Minus 23 Days

I just found out that one of my heros passed away on my Birthday.

Austrian mountaineer Heinrich Harrer died on Saturday aged 93 - he was the first person to climb the North Face of the Eiger and his escape from a British POW camp at the start of WWII and trek into Tibet was detailed in his now famous book 'Seven Years in Tibet'.

He struck me as a supremely arrogant yoof, and not a terribly likeable person, but Tibet and the Himalayas had a profound effect on him.

His book, along with a couple of others, is one of the things that inspired me to arrange my own expedition.
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Eeeeeeeee by 'eck I'm excited.
Delivery 1 of 2 arrived at work today conataining half of my mountaineering kit for the Nepal Trek.

Contents are:

RAB Merino wool Long sleeved Crew top x2
RAB Merino Wool Long Jons x2
RAB Silk Sleeping bag liner
RAB Scholler Mountaineering Pants
Outdoor Designs Summit MittPro ( big feck off toasty mitts w polartec liners!)

Now just waiting on the outstanding order from PHD - specially made customised Mustagh Down Jacket and a Diamir 700 Sleeping Bag.

The word excited, hardly begins to describe my current mood.
I like shiney new kit ......a lot !

I see BBC Online are now running an headline announcing the death of Hienrich Harrer - and whose picture have they used ?

Brad Bloody Pitt that's who.

Hienrich Harrer lead an amazing life and acolmplished so much in his life and instead of his picture they use some flippin Hollywood pretty boy !
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