January 9th, 2006


Trek Minus : 21 Days

T - 21 and counting......

It's getting close people ......(academic considering no one reads this - and even I have a hard time being sufficiently arsed enough to even write it !)

So where are we at since Christmas......

Blah blah blah - oh yeah - had medical - v. fit but heavy - that would be the weight lifting. Need to sort out visa's travellers check and will.

Birthday was Saturday - I can remember some of that so might pen a retrospective while I still can.

Oh yeah ordered shiny mountaineering equipment last week for the princely sum of £800 !

Got the news today that it's being made to order and will be all balck !


So Pictures of me in the Khumbu should look significantly less dated than any skiing twonks, dressed in lary coloured skiwear, which look like something out of the 1980's by the next ski season....

Now just to recruit a white furred mountaineering bunny called Mallory..........


First night of Fencing after the Christmas break and none - not one - of the feckin newbies turned up. PLus I didn't bring in my own kit so I couldn't fence either....grrrrrrrr

I'll chew their feckin heads off next week and make em do about 20 mins of warming up.

Went to the bar afterwards but drank tap water - will probably knock the alcohol on the head untill I get back from Nepal.