December 25th, 2005


Christmas Day Trek: Minus 41 Days


Got up at 7:30 ish looked out onto a very frosty garden.

Showered dressed etc loaded car up with presents and headed of to fetch the aged parent's aged parents and drive off to mass to meet the aged parents themselves.

Because Granddad is getting on and v slow these days we went to the 10am daytime mass which didn't finish until 11am. Mum, Dad , Grandma, Granddad and I all got home at around 11:20.

Because we went to a later mass, the traditional scrambled egg s and fry up was dispensed with and we just had toast and coffee. Finally got down to the serious business of prezie opening just before noon ! Outrageous !

This was the first Christmas in many many years where I had absolutely no idea what I was getting ….as I didn't have to pick up ANY of my presents - everything was a complete surprise.

The haul……

Mum and Dad bought me a couple of cordless Phones so I don't have to break my neck running up and downstairs. They are really good - have long range and hands free feature - sound make life much easier.
Also Book on the making of the Narnia film and the 3 disc version of Pirates of the Caribbean . I also got a duck for the bathroom (quacking variety) sweets choccies etc

Grandma and Granddad bought me Firefly on DVD, Batman Begins, and a book the Guide to Narnia.

Antony and Sarah bought me, Bushcraft by Mors Kochanski, a Laplander saw, mini drill/screwdriver

Sharon bought me two cracking books Moondust the Story of the Apollo moonlandings, and The First Man a biography of Neil Armstrong and half bottle of wine - the same one she had on our picnic in Hever Castle gardens in the summer.

Christine bought me a beautiful desk calendar featuring art work - everything from archaeological pieces, masterpieces and contemporary works.

In short a smashing Christmas……

Was very surprised that no one bought me Revenge of the Sith though….this is the first year that I haven't had anything Star Wars related in about 18 years!

Dad almost caused murder by now having the TV on until almost 6 pm.

I stood out in the kitchen and helped / hovered and pinched food as Mum prepared a late Christmas dinner.

It was odd without Antony there, a bit like when he was in Australia a few years back.

Mum and I chatted cooked watched Shrek on the Kitchen TV - we ate a huge dinner and everyone sat around in the evening and watched the Dr Who Christmas Special - it was ok but not very special.

I took the Grandparents home at around 9pm. Called in at my house at 9:30 and dropped of most of my gifts and set up my new phones. I then returned to the old folks home. Had a drink (the first of the day as I was on taxi duty) and turned in shortly after midnight.

…..a wonderful Christmas as always.