December 24th, 2005


Christmas Eve Trek: Minus 42 Days

Saturday 24 December Trek: Minus 42 Days

Kweznut Eve.

Had a slow start today - no time to train at the Gym.

Popped up to the parade and picked up sweets for Granddad, Dad and Antony. Came home and finished wrapping the presents.

Headed over to Essex and dropped Antony and Sarah's presents into them. They will have been married six months tomorrow and are spending their first Christmas together.

Also called round to Sharon's, and dropped her last prezzie through the letter box it was waiting for me at home on Thursday evening after we'd swapped gifts in London - was back in the car and was about to pull away when I saw her at the door - she had got back early from her volunteer work - so had a cup of tea and then drove back south of the river.

Called in at the old folks home to get my orders for tomorrow and picked up fish and chips on the way home - finally got home around 8pm.

Bottle of wine, fish and chips and a toasty warm lounge....

I like Christmas….I especially like Christmas eve when I can sit in my living room and with my Christmas tree on and with all the presents for family members underneath it …and watch Christmassy stuff on tv….would have been perfect had they screened Muppets Christmas Carol or something cheesy like that…..
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